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Along the Watchtower

Along the Watchtower


A Joker is defined as a person who enjoys telling or playing jokes and is somewhat thoughtless or annoying.

A Thief can be a criminal who takes property belonging to someone else in order to sell it or keep it.

There must be some way out of here, said the Joker to the Thief.

There’s too much confusion, I can’t get no relief

In the above quoted lines, the Joker is definitely annoying as he is restless. He is not able to comprehend the meaning of what’s happening with him. All he want is to get out of this ugliness that’s troubling him.

I find many similarities between the Joker and the common, everyday, ordinary people. A farmer or a milkman or a tailor or cobbler or a beggar! Poor, uneducated and weak people like them constitute almost half of India’s population. They don’t know much about election manifestos, economic policies or judicial decisions. They have their own pity life to think and care about. Their lives, their family, their occupation and their ambitions. Anything and everything out of these circles are immaterial and preposterous.

No reason to get excited, the Thief, he kindly spoke,

There are many here among us, who feel that life is but a joke,

But you and I, we’ve been through that, this is not our fate


The thief who is as calm as the night is pacifying the Joker. According to him, he doesn’t feel life, with all it’s suffering and injustice, is a joke and is reminding the Joker about his circumstances – that is to carry on with his job!

You see, the Thief is someone who is cunning, smart enough to understand the worldly rules. Yet, with all his intelligence, he chose to be an outlaw. A person devoid of human sacrifices with nothing but contempt for society and it’s constituents. A man for himself. He is far, far away from delusion. Truth be said, he is content with himself and his lofty ideals and this he reminds to his confederate that this world never treat any life equal. It’s harsh, cruel and unfair. Stop complaining, and do what you do best!

Follow your Passion. Live your Dreams.