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They say that Theater is an Actors’ medium; Film is the Directors’ medium and Television is the Writers’ medium

That’s what “they” say. They’re probably right. When we compare movies and/or discuss films, we tend to find a coherence in the vision of the Director, the most. Take in case, you know you are watching a Martin Scorsese film if it has techy cinematography, focus on characters’ redemption, sleek editing (thanks to Thelma Schoonmaker) and some ultra-violence shits. Throw a DeNiro or DiCaprio and bam…you got multiple Oscar nominated crime-drama, as expected from most of Marty’s work. Same with many film Directors who imprint their own trademarks on a film’s inner meaning and symbolism. Therefore a movie, generally in it’s opening credits is tipped as “A film by _________(Diro’s name)”.

If a movie is like a ship, then it’s captain is the Film Director


An actor predominantly is known for his talent for telling lies, impersonating different personalities and his physical attributes. A stage is where he belongs, beyond any doubt. It’s here, in theater, where an actor gets the chance to exhibit properly his endowments. A live audience who judge, on the spot, and laugh, cry, frown or claps at actors’ endeavors. It’s exciting from a thespian’s perspective. And terrifying too! Caution: Not for light hearts.

Speaking of light hearts, a Writer, in all likelihood possess a very fierce heart. Writing knows no boundaries. Like here, I’m writing this and can drop a line on “boogers” which has seemingly no connection with this post, which I did by the way and if I tag it, which I also did; people who are interested in such disgusting functions might end up here. Hahahaha..I hope you’re not one of ’em! But, that’s the power the writer have. He/She/They can own a word, a quote, a speech to a complete television series encompassing 552 episodes of 210 hours for 25 years. Correct, it’s The Simpsons, one of the most successful, longest running animated american sitcom.

It’s crazy. The stuff writers can do! That can be reason why in our modern “technology-era” society, we still have loads of jobs for writers: Journalism, Publishing, Advertising & Media, Films, TV, Theater, Bloggers, Wikipedians, Freelancers, etc, etc, etc. It’s the flair for writing that makes us Humans different and of course, superior to other living forms.

Pen is mightier than a Sword

That’s the new motto which Humanity has come to abide. As we advance into a world free of violence and unnecessary loss of human lives, we realized we got the writers to do the ugly work: to recreate these ills of society. And they seldom disappoint. For example, a tv show which goes by the name of “Game of Thrones” based on the series of book which are called “A Song of Ice and Fire” perfectly describes the power of writer’s fingers. The 5 novels composed by George R. R. Martin and the inspired show (now 4th season running) created by D. B. Weiss and David Benioff are full of complex stories inside complex stories connecting thousands of grey characters and their conquest of wars, wealth and women. I am a big fan, particularly of the tv show (No, I don’t want to sacrifice my entire life knowing all about ASOIAF by memorizing all facts and fictions by reading the books, thank you). Though I admit, it is really hard to conceal the temptations. But, as I said, it’s one life that I got and I want to watch and enjoy other shows too; something like True Detective.

A show written & created by Nic Pizzolatto, just one word: Awesome. A masterpiece in writing and designing (look for gothic landscapes, gothic trees, gothic buildings, even a gothic Rustin Cohle). The writing based on many weird fiction writers’ weird fiction short stories involving bullshits such as Carcosa and The Yellow King and a nihilist police officer, wow, it’s just too much for one season! I believe, every person, every single human being on this planet should watch 8 hours of this completely mind-blowing show. And trust me, every one of the viewer will feel a change in his/her life after finishing; if and only if they are able to the digest the fantastically penned dialogues of Rust, Marty and Maggie. So much said with so few lines.

One more albeit a less popular tv show that I thoroughly enjoy on weekly basis is the recently concluded, 3 season old Grimm. It’s a supernatural themed, police procedural drama (gosh, I have a thing for police procedural drama, even I love saying or writing police procedural drama) and a modern-day adaptation of the 19th century Grimms’ fairy tales. It’s one of those sweet, slow moving, character-based shows which with it’s age. I like the funny quotes of Monroe and the myth behind numerous wesen creatures. It’s engrossing and at the same time entertaining. I can’t say that’s very good writing but it’s engaging and I like it, so…anyways, I’m writing about it.

Now, all the 4 above-mentioned primetime television series are a delight, basically just because of their writers who holds all the powers of killing or resurrecting characters, motivating or decrepitating them, making them strong or weak personalities or honest and liars, for that matter. A show may begin with a small, trifle affair but in a small time, it can turn into a very complicated structure that can totally drown you into it’s story-telling.