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There is a sort of ongoing revolution in India. It certainly, is not much different from a movement, championing the rights of people, the rights of democracy. And not just Indians, but the entire world is expecting to see a new face, a new era of India commencing on the 16th of May. The 2014 General Election to constitute the 16th Lok Sabha has seen a lot of speeches, debates, interviews and opinion polls on regional and national media channels. Recently, the international media too couldn’t resist the temptation and packed their bags and reached New Delhi and Varanasi to witness the biggest election in the human history! There are clashes of ideas, of ideologies, of personalities and the trimurti of 2014 election drama – Modi, Kejri and Gandhi have all put on their best show and for now, keeping their fingers crossed. The question that arises in this extraordinary event, which every Indian is expecting the answer to, is – what will actually change?

Now, these big, popular mass leaders talk about Governance, Empowerment, Development, but how are these things going to impact the individual lives of 1.2 billion people? After a proper, detailed analysis of the public mood and the opinion polls, it is intuitive that BJP led NDA will form the government. Unsurprisingly, if that comes true, the BJP’s PM candidate, Mr. Narendra Modi will be sworn-in  as the 14th Prime Minister of the India. It will be a historic day. A man from modest backgrounds, humble beginnings and a proud member of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (lit. National Volunteer Organisation) become the Chief Executive of the Govt. of India. The headlines will go “All Hail…Modi-wave” or a more rhetoric “do sunya ek chaar..ab se suru Modi sarkar”. For a few days the drums (dholak) won’t stop beating, fireworks won’t stop cracking, media won’t stop talking Modi. Maybe the latter will be at least, for next 5 years. But, what will actually change?

There are 2 very important features this man has projected during the grueling election campaign: STRONG and PATRIOT. These are just the right qualities that made the so-called Modi-wave successful. Although the head of state in India is the portfolio of the President of India, there is no question that the most powerful person is the Prime Minister. Now, Power is something that should be acquired, not given! In the past decade, the PM office was brutally converted into an online website. That’s the achievement that Manmohan Singh led Govt. could rejoice about! Other than that, the National Advisory Council (NAC), presided by Madam Sonia Gandhi acted, on behalf of PMO, as the de-facto political center of the country. First and foremost, a Modi led Government will destroy these two-face politics.

These are one of the many qualities which shine through our future Prime Minister. He’s strong. A capable leader. A statesman exhibiting profound knowledge and interest in grass-root level policies. Even if he’s done blunders while handling the 2002 Godhra riot case, NO ONE, not a single soul has been able to make Modi bend knees. See, that’s the stuff I want to see in my country’s future Prime Minister’s personality. Fearless, self-righteous. It’s time we, Indians grow bold in an international arena. Our technocrats now lead as the CEO of big software companies, and how could our nation’s head be so fragile, so imbecile? Gone are the days when we were passive, non-influential military or economic power. This century belongs to country like India and a firm, solid leadership is what it lacks.

Secondly, it should go without saying that a leader of a nation should have nationalist ideals. For him/her, the country should hold top priority followed by self, family and society interests. In my study of Mr. Narendra Modi’s interviews and campaign speeches, I’ve come to notice his heart-rendering love for his motherland. He talks about India as if he feels the presence of Bharat Mata..the essence upon which this great land is based on. This is a very important virtue the Prime Minister of India should possess. Atal Bihari Vajpayee had. This one characteristic of a leader can do wonders, i.e., to feel for the cause; which in this case is retaining the heart & soul of Bharat.


School level GK. Anyone?

Now, all these rumbles about governance, development, fighting corruption, quashing inflation are secondary objectives. The prime motto of the NM led India will be to showcase the power of India. The rich culture and varied heritage that we all love so much, boast about everywhere and live to see one day the whole wide world acknowledge this oldest surviving civilization. When I was young, still in school, I was the School’s Pupil Leader (SPL) for a brief time. During the morning assembly, I used to address the gathering for the prayer, pledge and the national anthem. I still remember that pledge by heart:

India is my country, All Indians are my brothers and sisters,

I love my country and I’m proud of its rich and varied heritage,

I shall always strive to be worthy of it,

I shall give respect to my parents, teachers and elders and treat everyone with courtesy.

To my country and my people, I pledge my devotion,

In their well-being and prosperity alone lies my happiness.

Jai Hind.