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There’s no denying the fact that after Yesterday’s Central Park event, Narendra Modi is the new voice & face of the world citizens. The public are swayed by him, his charisma. And that too, just 4 months after becoming the most powerful person in a nation of 1.25 billion people.


Let’s not go to the past – the history of Modi, of Prime Ministers of India, or of great leaders of the world. Let’s talk about the present. Today, the world is divided in politics, economically uneven and socially in-egalitarian. We have countless on-going wars, back-bitching and huge exploitation of the nature.

The world’s changing rapidly. History’s being created almost daily, at least in some corner of the globe. ‘Power’ has been the most-sought after idea in our time. One good thing about living in 21st century is that – Power is not measured alone in terms of workforce or wealth or knowledge (about science, social science and technology). Rather, it’s a potpourri of these. US of A has third largest workforce in the world, possess great amount of resources and is technological prowess.

 But the times they are a-changing

India is coming-of-age in this modern, 21st century society. And by coming-of-age, I mean becoming powerful day by day. When 1 in every 6 human on earth is an Indian; doubtlessly, Indians got a bigger say in world affairs. The best part is Modi doesn’t need to prove that Indians can do well in as diverse as fields like Science, Business, Arts, Politics, etc. That’s already out there for the world to see! What Modi aspire, if I read him correctly, is to make Indians proud of their nation, their culture. To establish the lost ‘glory’ of Indian civilisation.

He is a populist leader, at the end of the day. He thinks and do that that is best for the welfare of the society. But, is his judgement about the good and bad is the popular demand? Will he become the locus of state power in India? Can he? I want to be optimist, but the current ho-holla is anticipating a crisis, or so I think!

State is the backbone of the nation called India. State policies are seen to be the seal of fate in India. No revolution has taken place in a long time. Because the state has been successful to win the hearts of Indian citizens. It’s the only thing that’s unite Indian people. Without State the country will become directionless and every meaningful purpose pointless. This nation need more statesmen, lawyers, intellectuals to run the state smoothly.