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We live in a very complex world. There are human lives numbering billions, millions of cultures, thousands of professions, hundreds of personal interests, but only a limited time. Each of us are here, in this amazing world, called Earth for a fixed, specified period wherein we strive our best to live a meaningful, fulfilling life.

1st May, 2014 – 1st Sep, 2014: No work, No commitment, No quest. Not even 50 days have passed since those months of joblessness, and I already miss that era of my life. You know why? Because with no engagement came the ultimate satisfaction – the time spent on knowing, learning and understanding myself. Sure, I was not contributing anything to the society but realising my true being, apprehending my wholeness was a lot more comforting.

Cut to now, I remain busy all the time. That’s because I’m always occupied doing something in my waking hours which I’m fond of. For instance, I read and write about history, politics, society, philosophy and films, which brings to my second obsession – watching movies & tv shows. I also enjoy tripping to new places, listening to music, reasoning with myself and dispensing my immature theories to friends and colleagues.

As a result, at the end of the day, I always feel like I spaced out on something. Like conversing with people I admire, or reading the next great book, or doing something productive. I now sleep just 6 hours a day and I am not content with my daily schedule. I think I can use more than just 24 hours of one day and I’m seriously in dire need of that.