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Days of boredom (read unemployment) instigated me to get some inspiration from the ultimate ‘Hero’ of Bollywood – Mr. Salman Khan. But, as the idiom goes ‘Good intentions doesn’t always end up in good actions’. And thus, I came out of Shiva Multiplex, Jharsuguda with a feeling of confusion, dejection and betrayal.

The latest bhai-starrer, commercial no-brainer is known as “Kick”. The funda behind the vague nomenclature being bhai’s obsession, this time, with extreme adventures in all facets of his life. As it happens, he falls in love with “the girl” in the opening scene itself. But wait, he was born into middle-class and hence, has feelings about every other thing in the world: Social injustice, Political unfairness, Economic inequalities, to name a few. His smart mouth and well-built physique is put into good use to tackle such ills. Before long, Bhai decides to give up his engineering background and pursue a career employing his unique combination to lead a ‘Kicking’ (read criminal) life.  And what actually prompt him? His girlfriend who abhors him for his ever-shifting unstable jobs or His fan-girl, a child who is seriously ill with poor, dead parents; we would never know for sure!

Enter the other two major characters – A suave, brave police officer and a freaky, wealthy socialite. Both are intimidating and preoccupied with this Krrish look-alike supervillain or superhero? Thanks for not making it a mystery and who else it could be if not our Bhai? In nutshell, Bhai found a purpose in his life – to steal and run away, e la, Dhoom style; amidst loud whistles and standing ovations!

There are some more cat-and-mouse chases where every character is showcasing wits (by giving pathetic hints) and stamina (by flexing adrenaline muscles and all). Yawn…Let’s cut to the end where evil is defeated and good wins! Hurray. Wait, wait…what was the film all about? Well, to be frank, People who have lot of money wanted to circulate it in the market and earn more returns fooling simple-minded viewers in the name of ‘Bhai’ and his prior achievements.

Motto:- ‘Sab Moha-maya Hai’