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Few of the ancient civilizations were advanced even by today’s standards; you know, having planned cities, prosperity and fine standard of living. Beginning in 2500 B.C., the earth became a harsh battleground with misery and despair being common phenomenon. Cut to 21st century, the world has become far more comfortable and burgeoning. That’s what we believe. I wonder if it is so.

Let’s make an analytical study on what we have today as opposed to what our ancestors lacked. Few things quickly strike me:

i)                    Communication: Of course, the modern world is actually a large village where we know everyone (if we want and care to). Technologies like TV, Radio and Newspapers made too quicker to commune to large numbers. While tools such as Telephone, Telegram (now defunct), Mobile phones kept individuals’ lives linked to friends and families. Then, at the turn of the millennium, INTERNET became a household name, the ultimate informer, messenger, educator and entertainer.

ii)                  Transportation: Airplanes on air, Ships on water, Trains & buses on earth are some of the fastest means of transportation. For more personal touch, there are helicopters, boats, cars, bikes, bicycle and roller-skates!

iii)                Democracy: We have people’s rule now, in most countries of the world, where elections are held to choose a party or an individual to be held responsible for the voter’s daily lives. Democracy has stood the test of time and is found to be most stable and efficient form of government.

iv)                Entertainment: Movies, Music, Arts, Culture, Literature, Sports are all big and glamorous in this age.


Definitely, we live in an amazing world. Human race have discovered, invented, produced so many great things and ideas. Humanity is the superior beings on earth. Undoubtedly. We own the planet. We can do anything on it. We can mine it emptying all its reserves. We can erect buildings destroying the forests and agricultural lands. We can hunt down killing other creatures just for fun. We can pollute the rivers, explode the mountains, dump the wastes in grounds or deep in ocean or throw up in space. And we did all these.

man and tree

This may be the worst time in human history where materialistic attitude and competition has made homo-sapiens too powerful to destroy it’s creator: Nature.

I admired a quote by the American actor and activist, Ed Begley Jr.

When we destroy something created by man, we call it Vandalism, but
When we destroy something created by nature, we call it Progress.