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I reached home (the only one that I got; made by father) today morning at 10. The train was, as expected, late, by 1 hour. The first thing I did was get a nice, soapy, shampooey bath. The past 3 days in Kolkata was hot, humid, sweaty and unbearable, in all likeness. The only refuge was the evening’s windy weather coupled with adequate amount of rains. But, yesterday evening, there was no storm, no rains and no relaxation. I returned, sweating profusely, from Shyam Bazaar tired and depressed at 8 PM.

Naadu and Bibhu, having read my blog I suppose, were acting humble and very formal. We decided it was best to skip the visit to Santosh’s flat and I shall directly board the last bus of 9:30 PM to reach Howrah by 11. I agreed. I didn’t possessed the energy or motivation to spend time chatting and discussing about anything.

So, I bathed, got ready and we 3 along with some married Odia guy, who was friends with the duo. The former 3 of us had dinner in the form of masala dosa at a small hut right outside their apartment complex. Right at the moment, the much-awaited stormy clouds hovered over the sky and soon there was high pitched thundering, fast moving tempest and boldly striking raindrops. In a few moments, it was raining cats and dogs. And the last bus to Howrah left; too late for us to observe in the foggy, rain-soaked climate. Somehow, a taxi came few minutes later and Bibhu successfully loaded me into it and I was off!

My brief stay at the cultural capital of India made me see things from different perspectives. How my friends from college are struggling every day for good food, good salary and good work. Yet, they have a financially secured life with constant pay every month and in time it will enhance and so will their lives! But, the one thing that will not change is the shitty IT/ITES job they are doing. The fact remains we are educated, intellectual people. Our 4 years stay in an Institute of National Importance made us believe that there is no destination too inaccessible to be impossible.

Fuck This Shit

I feel pity for all you IT guys. You people have no self-respect in my opinion. Slaving yourself to corporate’s agenda just to earn a few bucks? Get recognition? Get a settled life? Whatever it is that keeps you into that kind of ugly, depressing, belittled so called professional-life is beyond my understanding. How could you – the smartest & fairly intelligent breed of modern society could satisfy yourself with a 9 to 5 secured job? Don’t you want to live your life a little differently? Don’t you dare to take your life in your own hands rather than following the mass? Don’t you want to bring a change in your surroundings, your family, and your nation?

I, for one, won’t allow others to take advantage of my knowledge, my creativity and my limited-days-on-earth to become a commodity-for-sale just to make profits by a fucking corporate. I don’t care about money and I don’t care about people whose lives are measured by bank balance and consumer products.