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People usually celebrate or mourn a significant day in terms of time. Time is the governing rule of all our lives. And thus, there are Silver, Golden, Diamond, Platinum jubilee anniversaries. What always baffles me is the need to celebrate these important milestone in our live. So what if I’ve successfully finished being married to the same person for a 50 years or if you are really lucky or unlucky (who knows), 100 years! The whole point of these celebrations indicate one thing for sure — the Human’s desire to acknowledge their own lives. We are nothing but self-obsessed, racist and evil beings who derives a lot of pleasure from others’ misfortunes. Getting back to the point, I don’t believe in all these crap about waiting for the 25th year to celebrate something…or even one full year to observe an important landmark in my life. But, I want to admire the fact that on the day while writing this, I’ve been part of something for a significant amount of time and thus, it’s 7 months and 15 days since I’ve been working for a Japanese MNC here in Bengaluru (aka Bangalore).

First things first. It was not by choice that I’m working my ass off for a corporation which is only obsessed with financial profits. Well, to be honest, I had other options but they were impractical and thus, I thought giving myself some more time to think clearly about my future and my career. So, after having a verbal argument with my father (who equated me to that of an insect), I moved out of the small town of 100,000 people to a big metro city with 12,000,000 cosmopolitan population. It was 5th of August, 2013. The Japanese company had provided accommodation for me and 43 others who joined the same date in a 3-star hotel situated just beside the Outer Ring Road. Well, to be honest, from day one, I was skeptical. I decided not to flaunt my strengths or let away my weaknesses. Also, I was determined to never show my real character in front of all. Back in college, I was popular and famous. They used to like my fb posts/comments; ping me in gtalk or fb chat asking me for advice or some fact-check. And I was obliged to them. I helped people whenever I could. But, now I wanted to change. I was determined to never let my real emotions flow and kept my knowledge, my observations and my thoughts to myself.

Time changes. 20 years ago practically no one had any idea about mobile phones. Now, almost every well-off Indian has a smartphone or at least a feature phone. And with time, people change too! That’s what happened with me. Time; the one, true, real God of our universe. And thus began the quintessential journey of my life – Laugh and make others laugh. It has been 7 months and 15 days since then, I’ve broken all my initial promises. I made new friends, few really useful ones! :p And I hangout with them babbling about movies, places, people, anything; trying my best to amuse them and offering my fairly racist, sexist observations free of cost to them. And they laugh, they admire my sense of humour. And I’m stuck in the midst of 1,000,000 IT employees who goes to office mon to fri and chill out on weekends. Some goes to pubs while others to near or far-off places with friends/family till they gets old and then one day, die! I’ve become a common man. A person who can’t survive alone. A person who works for most years of his life for someone who don’t even know or give a fuck about him. A person who didn’t follow his dreams but is helping others achieve theirs. A person who has become an insect (a fly) living his life just waiting to die.

What's my future like?

What’s my future like?